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How do we provide our clients with secure, high-yield returns? At EquityBuild, we’ve designed a proprietary system that allows the everyday investor to take charge of their portfolio through investing in real estate. Anyone can find distressed real estate. The key to our success is our unique ability to find the so-called "diamonds in the rough" others overlook, in a completely turn-key investment.

In this e-book, you will discover our unique, four-step process that reveals overlooked opportunities, protects investors and pinpoints the right tenants, while adding properties to the investor's portfolio.

How does real estate stack up over other investments such as stocks, bonds or precious metals? We've done the research for you so can see exactly how and why real estate should be part of your investment profile.


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An accredited investor is an individual that reported income of $200,000 or more in the most recent 2 tax years and expects to report the same in the upcoming tax year, a married couple that reported $300,000 or more or has net assets not counting personal residence of at least $1 million dollars regardless of income.

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