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South Side Development Fund 8

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Fund Summary

This offering represents the opportunity for a short term preferred equity investment at a 13% monthly coupon to finance the equity to buy 4 underperforming and undervalued assets with exceptional upside in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago. The four buildings; 7700 S South Shore Dr., 7818 S South Shore Dr., 3001 E 79th St., and 7419-35 S Colfax offer 113 residential apartment units between them, with a great unit mix of 73 2 bedroom units, 36 1 bedroom units, and 4 studio apartments. The assets will be acquired and aggressively renovated within the next 12 months, at which time they will be refinanced into low cost long term debt, and all preferred equity partners capital shall be returned.

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506(b) Equity
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6 months
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