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EquityBuild Hybrid Fund

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Fund Summary

Diversification within a single investment; our new funds contain both debt and equity components earning double digit returns. Most real estate investments require a 5-10 year hold on your investment before a return of invested capital. EquityBuild Funds return 75% of your invested capital within the first 18 months, and the balance is returned to you within 36 months. After your capital is returned, you will enjoy a healthy dividend on your original equity position while having a $0.00 cash balance through the fund disposition at year 10. Available ONLY on the Equitybuild platform.

Revolutionary 506(c) debt & equity offering only available here.

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Fund Description

Fund Type
Multifamily Combined Debt and Equity Investment 506(c)
No Description found!
Total Raise
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10 years
No Description found!
Return Profile
10.375% APR on Debt 25.93% IRR on Equity
No Description found!
Investment Capital Return -- Debt
18 months, earning 10.375% APR
No Description found!
Investment Capital Return -- Equity
36 months, earning 10.375% APR
No Description found!
Fund Disposition Year
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EquityBuild Difference

EquityBuild is a client advocate in a real estate world where we build life-long relationships to create turn-key solutions that consistently deliver double-digit returns. Real estate investment opportunities are carefully selected based on EquityBuild’s proprietary econometric model that identifies properties with strong upside and minimal risk. To learn more about EquityBuild and how you can invest directly in real estate with expert guidance and no landlord hassles please call (877) 978-1869.

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