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There is no better time to invest in income-producing, rental real estate than right now.

Our entire inventory is at your disposal. We have properties with a variety of sizes and price points. All of our properties have been carefully selected and our deals structured for their ability to return positive, monthly cash flow upon stabilization.

EquityBuild has decades of experience in finding the perfect property among hundreds of others we discard and then structuring the deal exactly right to create positive cash flow for you right from the beginning.

We're there for you every step of the way: selecting the property, arranging for financing, closing the sale, rehabbing the building, finding and vetting tenants, managing the property, and when the time comes, selling your interest. You can count on us to not only guide you, but to do the work for you.


To be certified as an EquityBuild qualified buyer:

  • Your credit score must be at least 700
  • Your annual earnings must be $150-250,000 or more, documented by tax returns
  • You must have at least $150,000 in liquid assets, to provide the working capital your building will need

Experience + Expertise = Exceptional Performance

Knowing how, where and when to invest in real estate can be daunting. EquityBuild gives you access to the knowledge and experience you need in order to succeed but can’t get anywhere else.

Real estate investing with EquityBuild is a completely passive experience. We do all the work for you, such as:

Eliminating frustrating day-to-day issues so you will have:

  • No midnight calls when the water goes out
  • No searching to find and hire a reliable property manager
  • No worrying that repairs and maintenance aren't being done
  • No scrambling to find tenants for empty units

And handling make-or-break strategic concerns:

  • Access to high-upside properties other investors never even get to see
  • A rigorous, multistage inspection and underwriting process to ensure your building comes at a favorable price with no surprises about the condition of the building and its major systems
  • Obtain financing for your initial purchase and refinancing once your property is stabilized
  • Reliable, warrantied contractors to carry out thoughtful, affordable renovations to your building
  • Deals carefully structured to ensure your property produces positive free cash flow month after month

EquityBuild offers a true turn-key investment process. We are your trusted and experienced partner — at your side every step of the way.
Call us today at (877) 978-1869 and let us take you through all of our remarkable, wealth-building opportunities.

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An accredited investor is an individual that reported income of $200,000 or more in the most recent 2 tax years and expects to report the same in the upcoming tax year, a married couple that reported $300,000 or more or has net assets not counting personal residence of at least $1 million dollars regardless of income.

Are you an accredited investor?