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Insights with Shaun (EquityBuild)

Real Estate Secrets: Misplaced Fears and The Power of Passive Income

High returns outweigh real estate worries. Access the secrets of real estate investing. 

Your Choice: Stress or Peaceful Prosperity?

Be happy, be calm. Free yourself from risks that keep you up at night. Peaceful prosperity through real estate.

Intro to EquityBuild

Why EquityBuild

The video shows a couple choosing which investment path to take. One person chose a path that led to money pitfalls, while another chose the path of the traditional investor and lost money. EquityBuild guides the couple on another path - one with a safe, worry-free journey. The EquityBuild way leads to the powerful wealth-building investment of real estate. The traditional investment couple doesn’t have the education or experience in real estate to make a sound investment, and they end up paying too much. The couple on the EquityBuild path can experience financial freedom through all of the advantages of real estate investing without the concerns of owning a property. The video shows:
  • How the EquityBuild team grows and maximizes your investment by identifying the right markets and coordinating all the work and professionals involved for you, so that you can pursue your own passions.
  • How you can create passive income with no effort required through the expertise of EquityBuild, buying property with other people’s money and avoiding typical struggles such as high mortgage payments, expensive maintenance repairs or having to sell a property at a loss.
  • How EquityBuild makes financing as painless as possible by matching clients with secure competitive financing through EquityBuild Finance or other institutions.
  • How real estate investing through EquityBuild can help you live the life of your dreams, retire early and build wealth for your family and generations to come.  

An accredited investor is an individual that reported income of $200,000 or more in the most recent 2 tax years and expects to report the same in the upcoming tax year, a married couple that reported $300,000 or more or has net assets not counting personal residence of at least $1 million dollars regardless of income.

Are you an accredited investor?