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Before EquityBuild, real estate investing was only for people who were already wealthy. The rest of us had to choose between meager returns and high risk or low-risk investments like T-bills and CDs, or even, gamble on the volatile stock market.

No longer. Together, we are building a new era.

EquityBuild is the way for hard-working people to secure their financial future.

An EquityBuild Inc. Property

We guarantee that an EquityBuild property’s value will never drop below the purchase price plus the costs of rehabilitation under standard market conditions

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Who we are

We're just like you. We want to provide our children and grandchildren with the best future possible. We're a dedicated team of professionals, working hard to provide you the knowledge and experience you need to succeed but can't get anywhere else.

We produce above-market returns by creating a low-risk, hassle-free, turn-key experience for our investors.

Guiding Principles

We believe in financial freedom — for everyone. We founded EquityBuild to serve others with our real estate investment expertise.

We help people achieve their dreams of a lasting legacy of wealth and security. We deliver strong investor returns. At the same time, we improve the quality of life for our tenants and help revitalize communities.

Our process, which although a little technical, means rehabbed buildings provide hard-working families with better, safer places to live. And have an uplifting impact on the neighborhood as a whole.

Our Approach

How do we do all that? Through our unique Operational Mastery of the real estate investing process. It's a little technical, but means three main things:

1. We have learned how to maximize returns and minimize risk at every step. We ask the right questions and avoid making painful mistakes.
2. We analyze and leverage a vast amount of information. We only invest in a property if we can confirm it will generate high satisfactory profits.
3. We have optimized our process to be cost-effective. But we never sacrifice the quality of living for our tenants.

You can take advantage of our hard-earned Operational Mastery. You deserve our hassle-free, turn-key experience that delivers outstanding returns.

EquityBuild is a proven system. We do all the work for you. We have done the research. We have learned the hard lessons. We're with you every step of the way.

EquityBuild Inc. Property

Investment Criteria

How do we find the right properties to invest in?

It's not easy: the real estate market is always changing. Knowing how, where and when to invest can be daunting.

Here's how we do it:

1. We start by underwriting not only markets, but submarkets. We go block-by-block to find the best opportunities.

2. We nurture an extensive network of subject matter experts. They provide us with detailed, real time, accurate data.

3. We also leverage a network of top professionals in inspection, title, escrow and legal services, as well as construction and property management.

4. Our strong relationships with city officials let us produce results others cannot.

Our Team

EquityBuild’s team of highly skilled experts has decades of success in real estate investing, with more than 1,200 transactions completed.

We have learned our lessons, sometimes the hard way. But that means you won't have to. We ask the right questions and avoid making painful mistakes. We understand tax implications and carefully plan exit strategies. We analyze and leverage a vast amount of information, and we move fast when the time comes to make a deal.

Jerry Cohen

CEO & Chairman

Began his real estate investment career in 1984 and quickly became renowned as one of the largest real estate investors in the Mid-Atlantic.

Has been principal in more than 1,000 real estate investment transactions.

Creator of EquityBuild’s proprietary econometric model that identifies undervalued and outperforming markets.

Constructed and refined an investment approach designed to ensure investors capitalize on the opportunities identified by his model.

Shaun Cohen, M.A.

Economics, President

Shaun Cohen, the president of EquityBuild Finance and vice president of EquityBuild, resides in Texas with his wife and three children. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and literature in 2000 from St. Johns College in Annapolis, Maryland and his Master of Science in economics from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia in 2008.

In 2007, Shaun joined EquityBuild; a small family-run real estate development and investment firm that only had one employee. His creative, yet analytical, approach to real estate investing spurred superior returns for both EquityBuild and its investors. In 2010, Shaun created EquityBuild Finance, the funding arm of EquityBuild, opening a window of additional investment opportunities for investors to secure their financial future through turnkey real estate investments.

Shaun became active in real estate investing at an early age and maintained a strong presence in the real estate investment world. Interviewed by William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn on Moving America Forward in 2013, Shaun was named a "cutting edge entrepreneur." In 2014, he was featured as a real estate expert on the radio show Real Estate Talk with Willie Lambright and was named a DCEO (Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity) Financial Executive Finalist the same year.

From 2007 to now, Shaun has helped orchestrate hundreds of real estate transactions and private loans and has assisted many investors in diversifying their portfolios. He has been instrumental in adding nearly 100 buildings and 1,400 units to the EquityBuild portfolio, as well as almost $150mm in assets under management.

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An accredited investor is an individual that reported income of $200,000 or more in the most recent 2 tax years and expects to report the same in the upcoming tax year, a married couple that reported $300,000 or more or has net assets not counting personal residence of at least $1 million dollars regardless of income.

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