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The Keys to Wealth & Security

We Make Real Estate Work for You

Investing with EquityBuild provides you secure cash flow, month after month.

For decades, our proven turn-key system has generated reliable, passive income for our clients. Real estate not only provides a steady income stream, it appreciates over time and actually pays for itself.

EquityBuild is a proven system. We do all the work for you. We have done the research. We have learned the hard lessons. We're with you every step of the way.

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EquityBuild Inc. Property

Our Mission

EquityBuild exists to help people achieve their dreams of creating a lasting legacy of wealth and security through passive real estate investments made possible by our unparalleled Operational Mastery and continuous innovation, making real estate investing available to all.

Our Model

The EquityBuild experience is low-risk and hassle-free.

Our clients get all the benefits of investing in real estate by relying on us for the knowledge and experience they need to avoid costly mistakes.


The EB Difference


Commercial Multifamily


Passive Income


Hybrid Capital Fund

Your Expert Passive Income Partner

EquityBuild is the industry leader in income-producing real estate. Our clients rely on us to discover and deliver ideal real estate investment opportunities. We maximize the cash flow and long-term value of each potential investment. Fewer than 10 out of 100 properties we're offered make it through our
rigorous analysis.

How We Work

When you invest in a property through EquityBuild, you get a team ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions asked most often. If you still have questions ...

Welcome to EquityBuild

All you need to take advantage of this unique opportunity to own rental ...

We Are Hiring

We are searching for talented people to join the EquityBuild team as we continue to expand. With over 1,200 successful turn-key real estate transactions there are strong growth opportunities for people who share our passion for passive income producing real estate.

Real Estate Investments

Approved for sale by our due diligence team. Available to you with operations taken care of by our experts.

EquityBuild Hybrid F...

EquityBuild Inc. Property
  • Fund Type
    Hybrid 506(c)
  • Total Raise
    $10 MM
  • APR
  • Term
    10 years

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An accredited investor is an individual that reported income of $200,000 or more in the most recent 2 tax years and expects to report the same in the upcoming tax year, a married couple that reported $300,000 or more or has net assets not counting personal residence of at least $1 million dollars regardless of income.

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