Random Common Sentences

1.I'm killing time.
2.He admitted his defeat.
3.Can I see your passport please?
4.Please give me some coffee.
5.He retires next spring.
6.She wouldn't let him in.
7.I was leaving home when Tom telephoned me.
8.I seem to have misplaced my key last night.
9.Am I pronouncing it correctly?
10.Here's your order.
11.Playing the guitar is fun.
12.I'm young.
13.I learned to drive a car and got a driver's license when I was eighteen.
14.Why do you need this money?
15.He can scarcely write his name.
16.She gave him money as well as food.
17.I will lend you as much money as you want.
18.I cheered myself up by listening to music.
19.Where did you buy it?
20.Well, I don't know if you heard, I just moved into a new apartment in LA.
21.Oh, that's terrible.
22.He seemed disappointed at the results.
23.I can't find my glasses and I can't see anything. Can you help me find a few things?
24.I seem to be lost.
25.She got him to drive all the way to Boston.
26.What do you think of this plan?
27.She has gone shopping.
28.Don't let opportunities pass by.
29.How many people?
30.The engine doesn't work.